heboygan Monument & Stone Works has been in business for more than 50 years and was founded by John Shircel in the early 1950's. The company location at 1011 Indiana Avenue was a familiar landmark during its many years of operation by the Shircel family. There the company remained until Oct. 2006, when Pete Gahagan purchased the business and relocated it to 927 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Since purchasing the business Pete, along with his wife, Sara, have put their heart and mind into the business. Their main concern is providing a high quality service for all our customers and Pete stresses the importance of accuracy in processing customer orders.

"We stand behind our name,” Pete says., “If the customer is not happy, I'm not happy."

Pete is also proud of our commitment to our community, and has initiated several programs to donate monuments or rebates to worthy causes in the Sheboygan County area.

In addition to memorial stones, we offer a large selection of urns, vases, flag stands, solar-powered and traditional vigil lights, and many other cemetery accessories which will compliment your memorial. We also provide custom inscriptions for commercial and residential applications in several mediums including, small or large stones, memorial bricks, glass, ceramics, or block.