rom Grecian stone or metal urns to ancient Chinese porcelain, vases have played a central role in art through the ages. The simplicity and beauty reflected in the contour of a vase is further underscored by the artwork etched, fired or painted on the vase.
At Sheboygan Monument & Stone Works, we are proud to offer an assortment of metal and stone vases which reflect that tradition of beauty while providing a convenient receptacle for your floral tributes.


The wide range of colors and relatively minimal cost of granite make it a wonderful option for monument vases. Our vases can be chosen to match, compliment or set off the design of accompanying monuments. Contact us to explore the wide variety of colors and styles.


Our designs compliment a range of different monument styles and floral arrangements.  Some vases are designed to secure to the base, while other attach to the sides of monument stones. From bud vases to large trumpets, from pearly silver to radiant copper, our vases offer a variety of options to compliment your monument or memorial. Contact us for a tour of the many possibilities.