These Services are Available in East-Central Wisconsin.
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Sheboygan Monument & Stone Works offers the following services:

  • Cleaning
    A New Day. Stones located in shady areas of a cemetery will occasionally become stained and will need to be cleaned. This is especially true of marble monuments and statues. A marble stone can usually be restored to its original appearance.

    Some granite is extremely porous. Stains on these stones are internal and cannot be removed. Our experienced staff is happy to inspect your family monument to determine whether or not it can be cleaned.

  • Leveling
    Monuments settle over time, which may result in a tilted or uneven appearance. The experts at Sheboygan Monument & Stone Works can straighten and level your monument, providing a stable ground base for years to come.

  • New Foundations
    Seasonal shifts in temperature and environment can damage the foundation of your monument over time. Sheboygan Monument & Stone Works can match and replace these damaged foundations, restoring the the original look and stability of the monument.

  • Repairing
    Periodically we are asked to restore broken and damaged monuments. In most cases restoration results are excellent. We also repair marble statues and other damaged stone items. Our experts are happy to examine your stone and determine whether repair is feasible.